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Customized Patient Care That Fits Your Needs

Healthcare Services in India are dedicated to assisting people of all ages, including the disabled and those with chronic illnesses, to live the fulfilling lives they deserve in the privacy of their own homes. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of care to our patients, keeping them as healthy as possible, and assuring that each client is cared for by responsible, understanding, trustworthy, well-mannered, and professional caregivers at all times.

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Registered nurses, licenced practical nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, certified nursing assistants, home health aides, and medical social workers are all available to provide services in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to maintain as much independence as possible.


Our Caregiver Team Is Composed Of Professionals

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    Nursing Care By Experts

    Short- and long-term professional care is provided by skilled nurses to patients who require medical services at home owing to an acute sickness, disability, long-term health condition, or terminal illness.

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    Services For Physical Therapy

    Licensed therapists evaluate and treat persons who have physical requirements as a result of sickness, injury, disability, or surgery.

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    Services Of A Home Health Aide/CNA

    Personal care professionals give hands-on patient care in accordance with the patient’s needs and the plan of care.

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    Services For Occupational Therapy

    Services provided by certified therapists who assess and treat clients with self-care issues that are interfering with their well-being.

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    Social And Medical Services

    Licensed medical social workers provide services. Medical social workers with a licence provide assistance/counseling to patients by addressing their financial, social, and emotional concerns, as well as providing information about community services.

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    Services For Speech Therapy

    Services provided by qualified therapists who evaluate and treat clients who have swallowing or speaking problems. Individuals who require speech therapy are frequently, but not always, stroke survivors.


Our Clients Are Able To Increase End-User Productivity Without Sacrificing Usability.

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  • Easy To Customize

    The app can be customised to improve its appearance and navigation.

  • Fast And Easy

    SAG IPL has a simple user interface that takes less than 5 seconds to load.

  • 24×7 Support

    We offer all-time support for any concerns regarding the app.


Our Commitment To Quality Staffing Entails The Following

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    Nurses and aides are carefully chosen for their competence and experience, as well as their caring and sensitive personalities.

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    We have a long-term crew because of our high employee satisfaction rate.

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    Staffing Ratios

    We keep a high staff-to-patient ratio, which is critical for providing excellent care.


Each discharged patient is assigned to a Patient Care Navigator. The Care Navigator is well-versed in each patient’s unique circumstances and has firsthand experience with the different issues that can arise. The coordinator’s job is critical in ensuring and reinforcing compliance.


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