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Popular Tools for Testing Blockchain Applications 2022 India

Popular Tools for Testing Blockchain Applications 2022 India To secure, store and manage digital identity and data, organizations across the globe are looking for a secure platform that protects their data which is spread across multiple providers. Blockchain is the solution.To guarantee trust, testers must ensure that all the components of a blockchain are working perfectly and that all applications are interacting with it in a trusted manner. Some of the core tests that should be run include functional, performance, API, node testing, and other specialized tests. So here is what they entail in a nutshell:

Here are 5 popular tools for testing your blockchain applications:

Ethereum Tester: It is an open-source testing library available as a Github repo. Its setup is pretty easy with manageable API support for various Testing requirements.
BitcoinJ: It is a Java-based framework built for Bitcoin-based apps that enables you to interact with the real BTC network and various testing activities. In order to use it, you don’t have to download the standard BTC Core files from You can even approach a user forum in case you need clarification or are facing hiccups in the testing process. It is an open network available for assistance.
Populus: This framework has the testing functionality of Ethereum embedded in the form of a set of features for test contract deployment. It’s developed around the py. test framework. Hence, it is relatively easy to implement.
Truffle: It’s a commonly referred name for Ethereum developers, which brings in good testing features, such as automated contract testing. The framework holds capabilities beyond just testing functionality within the Blockchain application.
Embark: It is a testing framework that focuses on developing decentralized applications (dApps) that run on various systems or nodes. It has integrations with Ethereum blockchain, IPFS, and decentralized communication platforms such as Whisper and Orbit.